Tag: Obesity

What is Obstructive sleep apnea and why obese people are at risk?

Everything you need to know about Obstructive sleep apnea - that caused Bappi Lahiri's

Chemicals in plastic trigger obesity!

Chemicals in plastic consumer products may trigger obesity and weight gain, study warns

Did you know chewing your food well prevents weight gain?

Chewing food well, could help prevent obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Can becoming aware of overeating stop excessive eating?

Experts find a new treatment that leads to less overeating in individuals by making them

Being overweight can lead to depression

Obesity is a global health challenge, researchers have now discovered that being overweight can

The pandemic has caused kids to gain weight

An increase in weight gain is a concern in children because obesity is linked to

Study says obesity main reason for covid-19 deaths

Being overweight can increase risk of severe illness or even death from coronavirus.

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