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A packet of cigarettes may cost your life!

Smoking comes with a risk of diseases along with a huge financial burden in the

How does smoking cause cancer?

Quitting smoking lowers your cancer risks. Not every person who smokes will develop cancer,

Why is smoking tobacco very addictive?

Smokers use tobacco regularly because they are addicted to nicotine. Nicotine is a highly

Using Tobacco is like a Death Statement – why is it so?

The damages caused by Tobacco cannot be reversed, we can only reduce it by

Tobacco in any form is a risk to life

Knowing the serious health risks of using tobacco may help motivate you to quit.

Are E-cigarettes Safe?

E-cigarettes: Not safer than conventional cigarettes, and not the solution for tobacco use

Tobacco use impacts everyone: Quit Smoking, Quit Tobacco use in all forms

Quitting tobacco in an early stage can reduce nicotine exposure time, also reduces the

Everything you need to know about passive smoking?

Even if you do not smoke, you may be exposed to secondhand smoke, which

Are light or low tar cigarettes safe for smoking?

“Low tar”, “light” and “menthol” cigarettes are as dangerous and harmful as regular cigarettes!

How does using tobacco in any form cause cancer?

In India, 45% of the males and 18% of the females have a correlation

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