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ये पानी पिएंगे, तो नहीं पड़ेंगी झुर्रियां

बुढ़ापा टालना आखिर कौन नहीं चाहता? ये कैसा पानी है, जिसे पीने से झुर्रियां

राजू श्रीवास्तव को आया अटैक, जिम में रहें सावधान

अगर आप भी ट्रेडमिल पर रनिंग जैसी एक्सरसाइज के शौकीन हैं, तो जरा संभल

11 बजे करें नाश्ता, घट जाएगा वजन

रोज इस समय नाश्ता करने से कम हो सकता है दो से पांच किलो

Mahima Chaudhry talks about her battle with breast cancer

Mahima Chaudhry says she’s now cancer-free and shares her journey of breast cancer treatment. She also talks about how

What is the best time to eat fruits? Know what expert says

Expert say one can eat fruit any time of the day with meals.

Did you know chewing your food well prevents weight gain?

Chewing food well, could help prevent obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Why should you consume jaggery in winter?

This natural sweetener is becoming popular as a “healthy” replacement for sugar.

Five winter foods for healthy weight loss

Nutritionists recommend these winter foods to keep you healthy and keep up your immunity.

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