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Exercising after getting vaccinated can boost antibodies

Study reveals exercising after getting Covid or Flu vaccine boosts antibodies in the human

Will Omicron replace the Delta variant of Covid-19?

Omicron is now in 171 countries, and it has been found to have a

Should Covid-19 jabs be mandatory?

As India rules out mandatory COVID-19 vaccines, take a look at what expert says

कोरोना में वैक्सीन के बाद घट रही है मृत्यु दर

कोरोना वैक्सीन लगने के बाद मृत्यु दर में आई कमी, इलाज का खर्चा भी

Experts suggest third booster dose needed for covid-19

Covid booster dose will definitely be recommended in India, says the National Institute of

Covid-19 vaccine reduced ICU bill

A study shows, Covid-19 patients who are fully vaccinated had to spend less on

अभी खत्म नहीं होगा कोविड-19 – WHO महामारी विशेषज्ञ

अभी जारी रहेगा कोरोनावायरस का कहर, इन्फ्लूएंजा की तरह हमेशा रहेगा

Covid-19 will become a common disease in future

Covid-19 may behave like other common-cold coronaviruses in the next few years, affecting mostly

Is it safe to mix Covid-19 vaccines?

Mix and match Covid-19 vaccines, here's what you should know

Corbevax Covid-19 vaccine to launch by Sept

Biological E's covid-19 vaccine Corbevax is expected by September, the company will provide 300

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