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5 eating mistakes we do despite having indigestion

If you are frequently troubled by digestive issues, it's time you understand it could

Do you also struggle with constipation? Here are ayurvedic remedies

Constipation is the root cause of most diseases be it physical or psychological. In order

Did you know less sleep can increase sugar cravings?

Are you also putting yourself at health risk, with insufficient sleep consistently, here are

Why is skipping meals not the right way to lose weight?

Having a healthy meal in time is important for a healthy lifestyle and good

How this woman created unique solutions for nutrition and skincare?

Meet the woman behind various beauty brands in India, Dolly Kumar . A

Exercising after getting vaccinated can boost antibodies

Study reveals exercising after getting Covid or Flu vaccine boosts antibodies in the human

Can exercises contribute to sexual health?

Study finds why exercise is also good for your sexual health. Quality sexual activity

Indian scientists develop a self-disinfecting antiviral mask.

Scientists develop self-disinfecting, biodegradable face masks to combat COVID-19, which is also much breathable and washable.

Activities that can improve mood, metabolism, and sleep

Is laziness also killing your day, here are simple activities you can do to

Did you know chewing your food well prevents weight gain?

Chewing food well, could help prevent obesity and metabolic syndrome.

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